Julie K. Murphy

Julie Murphy is a partner at Rico, Murphy & Diamond LLP.  She has been practicing in the probate and family courts in many counties of Massachusetts for over fifteen years. Julie’s practice focuses on family law issues, either as counsel or as a mediator, and has experience handling divorce, custody, support, paternity, visitation, contempt, and modifications.

Once retained to represent you in your matter, Julie is prepared to handle your case as your advocate. This may include:

  • Representing you through the litigation process
  • Negotiating settlements in lieu of prolonged litigation
  • Taking your case from complaint to resolution

While most cases ultimately settle through discovery and negotiation, some cases do need to proceed to trial and as an experienced practitioner Julie will work with you to put your case before the court.

As an alternative to litigation, Julie can help you and your partner or family member resolve your family law issues through mediation. Julie is happy to work with couples and families as they come together in a neutral setting to try to reach an agreement that resolves their problems.

Julie has found that people who reach an agreement that they fully participated in are better able to communicate post-legal action and feel more empowered by the process.

Julie will work with you to help you make the decisions that are best for you. For an initial consultation please contact Julie at 508-205-5500 or by email at JMurphy@rmdllp.com.  

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